Bins & Hoppers

Bins & Hoppers


Bins and hoppers are the foundation of any seed site. Your valuable seed inventory needs to be kept clean, dry and free of bugs and other contaminants. For this reason, Seedpoint handles only the best designed bins and hoppers. In addition, we manage our own fleet of custom bin moving trailers to better serve the ongoing bin needs of our customers. [view our gallery]


  • Is there a minimum storage capacity needed?
  • What type of product will be stored in the bin?
  • What is the density of the product that will be stored in the bin?
  • Which accessories would be added to the bin to improve the long-term quality of the stored product and make the bin easier to use?


  • Side access ladder
  • Vented remote lid
  • Rack and pinion slide gate
  • Welded seam construction
  • Exterior coating


  • Roof Manhole
  • Bottom cone manway
  • Internal seed ladder
  • Fill level indicators
  • Leg Extensions
  • Probe Hole
  • Poke Hole
  • Customizable bottom cone angles
  • Safety ladder cage & handrail packages
  • Aeration kits
  • Steel skid base
  • Interior coating
  • Access inside of bin for cleanout
  • Monitor quantities with View Glass or LevAlert
  • Bolt-on extensions for existing bins or customizable discharge height for new bins
  • Easier seed sampling
  • Break bridged product in fertilizer or feed applications
  • Suited to certain products and density
  • Secure bin climbing
  • Horizontal & Rocket
  • Used when bin cannot be placed on concrete
  • Protects bin from corrosive products


Specifications of a few of the most common bins used in Bulk Seed Sites:


Model (SeedMax) Diameter Bushels Minimum Auger required to fill
1415SM 14′ 2300 46′
1420SM 14′ 2854 60′
1615SM 16′ 3264 51′
1620SM 16′ 4120 60′
1625SM 16′ 4973 65′


Specifications of a few of the most common hoppers used in Bulk Seed Sites:


Model Diameter Units Capacity
80X 8′ 150/225/300
100X 10′ 300/500
120X 12′ 450/650