About Us

About Us

‘That’s a Seedpoint site’
We have to admit: we get a smile every time we hear that. We work hard at making sites work, and over the years, Seedpoint has become well known for designing the most “thought through” seed sites.

Seed sites are what we do.
A Seedpoint site works well and fits together well. We take great pride in helping retailers and producers handle seed faster, better, and easier. Details matter. Future integration matter. We think it through with you.

We handle a broad range of of leading equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Our independence allows us to give you the best advice for each individual component of your site – without limitations.

Seedpoint has been exclusively focused on seed site design and construction longer than anyone. With hundreds of sites in a five state region, we have the experience to handle any situation.

Personal Touch.
Seedpoint is hands-on. Our site experts participate in all phases of a project – from sales and design to construction and service. You have the same project partners all the way through the process…and beyond.

Service When It Counts.
Nobody service seeds like Seedpoint. We care and we are there – in the cold of winter, setting up your site, and in the heart of the season, when you need us the most. the same people will be there when you have questions or want to expand.

It starts with a site visit.
Our experts will visit your site, take detailed measurements, listen to your needs, and offer advice. Seedpoint then analyzes and designs your site. We are experts at making systems fit with existing structures. Our ability to transform new to old is unparalleled. You review full color 3D CAD drawings until revisions meet your approval.